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Hello! What do you look like? Are there any animals on your planet? How are you different to us humans?
Laura and Jessica
Pymble, Australia
hello im Dany in our planet there is something we call love,love cant be explain,cause is a feeling,love can move the world,i hope you know what love is……..
Mexicali, Mexico
Hello,my dear strange friends.I think the place you live must full of love.And i really want to konw,how to say “i love you”by your language.
guangzhou/guangdong, China
Hey. I think it is cool if this actually works. Earth is better than any planet in the universe so leave our planet alone !
Courtney Jamieson
Cairns, Australia
whats with the crop circles there so last lightyear. can u see my house. what do you eat. are you little red girl. bye
mooroobool, Australia
hello from earth. Friendship is made from far away places, so maybe our planets can be friends!
Edgeworth, Australia
Hello I am Sienna. I’m from planet Earth.I’m writing this at school. Can you write to me and tell me the true name of your planet? Thank you. From Sienna
Melbourne, Australia
everynight we look at the stars hoping we’d find friends so far we wish on a falling star to visit a planet so much like ours from: maham, family & omer
karachi, Pakistan
If You Really Exist Send Me An E-mail With A Photograph !!!
Helenita Torquato
Piraquara, Brazil
Greetings from the students and staff at Macquarie College. Are there schools on your planet?
Debbie McCord
Wallsend, Australia
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality. Open your eyes, look up to the skies, and see.
Las Vegas, United States
We reach for the stars. We make characters like E.T. & Yoda in movies like Star Wars/Star Trek & we love them. We want to believe but need proof. Tell us?!
Zavi Dajedy
St Louis, MO, United States
Lets chill out in 2060 and meet near the Ringed Planet for an iced water. Callum R.W.Boyle, Adelaide Australia. Age 5 in 2009.
Callum Boyle
Adelaide, Australia
Hello,My good friends.My name is Igor Mayn.I’m one of the more then 6 billion people on planet Earth.I live in a big country Russia and love my girlfriend Tanya
Yaroslavl, Russia
Hi….im Daniel Guillen..we are in the year 2009..if you are reading this in our planet is the year 2029…everybody is cordial invited to my house in 2049
Tijuana, Mexico
Hey!This is an invitation for my Wedding in Dec 2030.I wanted it to be a little different.Hope to see u there,Im sure we’d have fun dancing around.Ur Old Buddy.
komal zubair
Karachi, Pakistan
Hello! Roses are red, Violets are actually violet so I don’t know why people think they’re blue, I like stars and space, I hope you like Earth too!
Canberra, Australia
Hi! My mommy always says smiles can be seen across the world, but I think smiles can be seen across galaxies!! =) I’m 15, if you were wondering…
Sapna Syal
New Jersey, United States
A smile costs nothing, but gives much. A smile enriches those who receive without making poorer those who give.
betty n
st denis, Reunion
Greetings from Earth, aliens, its me Roswell!
Bart Stavisky
San Antonio, United States
If you’re looking for a real Star, please ask for Emaline.
Saint-Brieuc, France
Today is my birthday and this is probably the best gift I could have given to myself. I believe you are out there and one day, we may get to know each other.
Prague, Czech Republic
Hi,Gliese 581d! My nephew-Timofey-is 11 months old, but stil wants to say hi to you! Best regards,kasteg!
Minks, Belarus
The seeds of today will be the fruits of tomorrow.
Marketa Boumova
Sedlcany, Czech Republic
Hello there, We tried hard to see you with our telescopes we made this week but no luck. Do you have a message for us? From Children at Belyuen School, NT
Belyuen School Children
Belyuen, Australia
Dear Gliese 581d, Does your planet have games? Do you sleep? Can you play hand-tennis? Can you see Canis Majoris?
Charlie A
Melbourne, Australia
We are so small.
toronto, Canada
I hope there won’t be war between us, I hope you could be the proof our race is changing, I hope in collaboration, peace and intercultural change.
Rome, Italy
Do you like your planet? Do you go to school? Do you drink water? Do you have food?
Melbourne, Australia
Chocolate cake: 175g margarine 175g sugar 3 eggs 150g flour 50g cocoa 1tsp baking powder 1tsp vanilla extract Oven: 180C, bake 50 minutes Enjoy!
Michael Baek
Ishoj, Denmark
Hello the univers. My name is Anais, happy to be listen by the planet Gliese 581D. Does the sky is as beautiful than on Earth? have a good day.
anais aime
Nancy, France
Kick it to me! Kick it to me!
Sydney, Australia
Dear friends! The love of my life, Karina and I, Anastas, want to send you the message of peace and hope. Dare to love and dream BIG!
Vladikavkaz, Russia
Just to tell you I love my wife Penny and my daughter so much and look forward to many more happy years with my wonderful family
Gary Fowler
Birchington, United Kingdom
G’day from Kira,Shona,Robyn&Michael; on the 3rd planet from our sun.Please don’t attack us & we won’t attack you.How do we share our dreams, knowledge and toys?
Michael Poulton
Warrnambool, Australia
Hi! We are so lonely in the Universe. I hope, you will hear our message of friendship and answer us. Peace and prosperity to you! Peter Grytsay, Ukraine
Peter Grytsay
Nizhyn, Ukraine
Greetings from Earth. I have a simple request, no matter how barbaric humanity may seem, try to contact Earth somehow. We’re all in the mass of space together.
Ericka Gibbard
Thornton , United States
heres a big welcome from earth. my name is jessica. Earth, the planet i live on, is a planet outside your solarsystem. have you ever had a bbq before?
Melbourne, Australia
Hello there, I’m sorry to tell you we are not small green monsters with big eyes. And we do not pose any threat to you yet, only to ourselves. Have fun, see you
Heřmanův Městec, Czech Republic
I send with this message all the love and the hopes of A girl from one of the many countries on earth. I hope it will be read someday. Peace
Tirana, Albania
Do you have a God?
Chicago, Il, United States
hi i am ELias. i am 14 and i comme in peace. i am an earth child and i wanna learn so much about the life on you planet. bye and greathings from the earth.
mortsel, Belgium
Love and friendship are the best things, what people have got in their lifes. And the most amazing feeling is holding your own newborn baby in your’s arms.
Lublin, Poland
Hello from Aurora Aerospace… We’re looking forward to joining you up there for some intergallactic exchanges!
Veronique Koken
Oldsmar, FL, United States
I don’t really think you can understand English, but neither can my cat and we still communicate with each other, so it’s not a problem for us, too! 🙂
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Please help us setup intergalactic geocaching.
Preston Littleton
Seaford, DE, United States
I’ve always wondered if there is other life living somewhere up in the sky, just wanted to say hello, if you do exist, how amazing would it be if you do.
Perth, Australia
Greetings from Jamaica, home of the fastest man on Earth. Send your world champ to run a friendly race with us for the title of fastest being in the galaxy 🙂 .
Tom Wily
Kingston, Jamaica
Hello from Earth I want the universe to know how much I loved Shirley back when I was alive in 2009.
Canberra, Australia
7 weeks to go. I’m excited. And nervous. Maybe you could come from space to watch my wedding?
Lord Carnarvon
Sydney, Australia
Hello:) What is the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything?
Sofia, Bulgaria
Eager young Space Cadets Peter, Annie, Matthew, Gracie and Sparta Morris would just like to say: “Hi, you Things from Another World, you!”
Peter Morris
Isabella Plains, Australia
We are Australian Aborigines. Do you have indigenous peoples and what is their status? We have a traditional culture, do you?
Zawadi Corstorphan
Alice Springs, Australia name is iva and im from croatia,i have 13 years now and when u receved this message i’ll be 33… I love Twilight
Iva Stjepanović
zagreb, Croatia
Dear alien children, We are interested in the possibility of life in another planet. It would be great if you could visit us to tell us more. Your Earth Friend
Class 1D
Nowra, Australia
Killinchy, Ireland
We have so much to talk about. Would you like a cup of tea before we get started?
Melbourne, Australia
It would be wonderful to recieve a message from you too. A phone call, a postcard, a blinking light… anything, thanks!
Rome, Italy
All truth passes through three stages: first, it’s ridiculed; second, it’s violently opposed and third, it’s accepted as self-evident. It’s time to contact us!
Latina, Italy
Please let me use your time machine mr alien so I can go back in time and fix all the crap I did.
Vancouver, Canada
Sandy, Lisa, Rebecca, Alexander and our baby due in November look forward to the day when gazing at the stars brings more answers than questions.Shall we begin?
Alexander ( Sandy ) Glennie
Halifax, Cayman Islands
Hiii Somebody Out There, I am very Happy, if you want to learn Indonesian language. And You can Enjoy Our Best Island in the world at Bali Island. GBU.
Johan K
Jakarta, Indonesia
Hi there Gliseans. If you know what life, time, space, energy and love are, please explain me. I will wait for your answer in 41 years. Bye, dear neighbors.
Joan Gallego
Bogota D.C., Colombia
We are human bings that live on the earth and we all love peace.Welcom to our planet.And we wish you could come to hear so that we may sing togather!And you?
Han Xiao
Weifang, China
To Mr. Alien. I’ve got some jokes for you. Knock Knock. Who’s there. Rocket. Rocket who. Rockets coming to tickle you!! Watch out. See you later
Melbourne , Australia