Learn About Badugi, The Low Ball Poker Game in Gambling Online

When you join the gambling online site, you might know there  are so many types of poker you can play and Badugi is no exception at all. Poker has so many variations you can play and when you join the best poker site, you can meet most of them with their own uniqueness and also differences. Badugi is no exception because this game is different from the gambling online games such as and you need to know the very basic thing to get and play on the site so you know how to win this bet. Badugi is actually known as the Asian Poker and it is also considered as the low ball game of poker.

Understand The Difference Between Badugi and Regular Poker in Gambling Online

In Badugi, you just need to have the lowest ranking combination. This game was originated in Korea but now, you can play it through the gambling online site. Badugi is played just like the Tripe Draw where the players need to focus on the best low hand instead of collecting the high hand to win the game. Just like in the standard poker, the structure and rules of the game are mostly identical with the 3 draws and the only exception you might get is the hand must consists of 4 cards and not 5 cards.

This game refers to the hands with no 2 cards have the same value and suit. The cards with the lowest value will be saved inside your hand if there is more than 1 card with the same suit. This is how the hand will become one or perhaps 3-card hand. There are also three different betting forms such as Pot Limit, Half Pot Limit and also Limit. In Limit Badugi, you just need to bet in the increments of 1x of the Big Blind for Round 1 and 2 as well as the 2x of Big Blinds for the round 3 and 4.

Then, the next player can place the bet up to $10 from three different values of the bet. Meanwhile if you play in the Half Pot Limit, you might know the same rules as in the Pot Limit with the only exception that most players who can bet around half of the current pot now. The example is the small blind with $2 as the minimum and the big blind is around $4. The player on the game should bet unyil $5 from $2-$4-$4/2=$5. Well, actually, this game is not difficult to play and you can master it too.

How to Play Badugi in Gambling Online Site?

To play this game, every player should get 4 cards and the players need to look at the cards and also decide to proceed onto the next round with their own hand or not. Next, the players will place the bets and each of them may bet the amount with maximum of the big blind and perhaps, they can also raise or fold the cards just like in regular poker game you choose to play. Those who still stay on the game may have the decision to make the decision about what cards they have to throw away on the game.

At the same time, they also need to think about what cards they need to keep on the game. If there are about 2 of any suit or 2 similar cards in value, they must get rid of one card from those cards. If there are not matching cards with the criteria, then you need to get rid of the very highest cards combination of the ranking in your hand and you can’t win if you have the high value of the cards. After making the decision about how many cards you must discard, the dealer may replace them.

Another betting round will resumes and the players can do anything they like from call, raise or fold. The same rules may follow for the other draws. After the final draw, the players who still remain on the game will go to the showdown in the last round. The showdown moment is when all players on the game show the hands and also determine the winners from the first player on the clockwise from the dealer on the game. Those who have 4 cards with low value of the hands will win the game.

You need to keep in your mind that cards with the same value and suit will not be counted and you will play with 3 cards only. You need to know that actually, the game with 4 cards always beats the Badugi with only 3 cards since you will not get any additional cards on the game. The winner may collect their winnings properly on this gambling online site.